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I have a passion

Not for fashion... although I have a husband who does (THANK GOD! he keeps me looking right!)

I loved design and order before I even realized I did. As a kid, I was extremely organized and clean and would always be re-arranging my furniture in my bedroom. When I moved to college (ahh, the good ole' days!) I had an entire apartment to maneuver. My bedroom was in my living room, my living room was in my bedroom and every time some friends came over they thought they were at someone else's house. To this day, I do the same and my husband, bless his heart, trusts in my skills and let's me do what I need to do with very little resistance. (As long as I stay out of his garage) It excites me beyond belief that I am now going to be using my skills, my education, and my experience to support my family.

Thank you to all of you who have believed in me over the years and have helped me get to this point in my life. I adore you.


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