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I love to transform a space with creative decorating.  I specialize in using those hidden gem items already in your home and re-inventing them through creative use, placement, or giving them a fresh look. If you need to add some items to your collection,

I can go shopping for you, keeping your costs to a minimum, all while giving you the look you want within your budget



$150 - $250


I will offer recommendations, ideas and other resources that will leave you prepared and confident to move forward with your project. We will discuss how to maximize space, how to use color to set a solid foundation, how to use textures and patterns to create an interesting and unique home, and how to use accessories to pull it all together.



$150 - $350

Using your existing furnishings and hidden gem treasures, I will use the elements of design to showcase your home in its best light. Needing more accessories?  Think about adding the Style service to this experience. 



1/2 day, $400

full day, $700

Does your home need a fresh look? Using your existing furnishings & décor I will create an entirely new look and feel in your select rooms by re-arranging, re-organizing & re-purposing.  While you are out doing the things you love, I will be re-designing your home, doing what I love.  I will be ready for the big reveal when you get home. (Pre-Service visit required for planning, included)



$45 per hour + Costs of Accessories

The right accessories can make or break a room. Whether it’s a statement piece you need, like an area rug or art; or other decorative items that help your room feel cohesive, it’s important to display items that elevate your room design.  If you’ve been wondering how to find decorative items that work in your space, this service is for you!  With your budget in mind, I will find the perfect items and incorporate them into your home. (Cost includes mileage)

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