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Summer Vacation. UGH! With 4 teenagers in the house, and 1 toddler. (THANK YOU oldest child for living on your own!!) It's so hard to get on a schedule, the big kids sleep until noon if I let them, which I don't. Naia (2 years old) is up with the sun, like me and the hubs. Lili, 18, graduated this year and although I am in complete and utter denial, she will be moving to her own efficiency in July. Since we only have 5 bedrooms (only is relative here) it will be nice to have the space to move some kids around so everyone has their own room again. With the arrival of Ms. Naia 2 years ago so threw off that proportion.

The Challenge to finding time is making time. Working from home gives me an excuse to keep up on the laundry and the house work, run errands mid morning or whenever I please. It's easy to get caught up and then poof! the day is gone.

I try to put in time everyday for myself. I can't lose myself or who will take care of my brood?? No one I know is crazy enough to take that on!

Thank God for my husband. He's so handy, so helpful, so grounded.... and he built me this amazing swing just for me to be me! I love you honey! xoxo

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