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Summer Lovin'

I'm a natural born Minnesotan, and proud of it. Well... honestly in month 6 of Winter, I start to hate a little- okay, okay-- A LOT! But Summer, Oh Summer.... WE LOVE SUMMER! But mostly, going to the lake. Last year on our annual trip up north we had a comedy of errors. The Kayak we took out with our 1 year old decided to fill up with water and start to sink in the middle of the lake... haha I still see my husband desperately paddling to get us to shore as I hung on to Naia as she tried to jump out (don't blame her!) We made it back to shore, got in a sturdy canoe and THEN Lili, on her paddle board, came by to say hi, fell off and decided to reach for her mommy, naturally, and tipped the canoe. Instinctively, I held Naia up over the water as I drank a good share of the lake.

Cheers to the good life!


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