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Spring Tips: Patios

Create a Space To Gather

Perhaps the best place to get started is by creating a space in the backyard with plenty of space for family & friends to sit & gather around.

This can be anything from a fire pit, a shady tree, fountain or sculpture, a favorite piece of artwork; whatever your favorite part of your backyard, arrange seating to attract attention & make a welcoming hangout spot.

Provide Light

Take advantage of those after Christmas sales and stock up on clearance lights! Hang them from the trees, the eves, or get creative. There are a million different styles of lanterns and candles out there to chose from... add these to the surfaces on your patio to create the mood. String lights are perfect for outdoor lighting because they are small enough to be difficult to see during the day & there are so many bulbs to spread the light out easily at night.

Color and Patterns

A can of spray paint can go a long way. Make sure to use a product like Rustoleum to protect your furnishings from the outdoor elements. Kick up the color with bright hues. Add outdoor throw pillows, rugs and even bring in some ceramics and planters that have patterns. Mixing up your space with complimentary colors and patterns is always a great idea.

Natural Elements

Adding a water element, such as a fountain or pond, is not the easiest of these backyard projects; but it does make the biggest splash. Fountains can be used to be the center of attention or provide the perfect accent to your favorite outdoor spot.

The only thing more attractive then water is fire; using fire anywhere in an outdoor space is sure to get some wow's. You can even have a secondary seating area around the fire pit where you can retire with your cocktails after the sun goes down.

Don't stop there... create a "living wall" with plants, shrubs, and trees for added privacy, and color.


Just like your home, you want your patio to be a reflection of who you are and what you love. Create a seamless transition to an outdoor sitting area by paying the same attention to detail as you would when decorating indoors. Choose Items that can survive the elements. Many decorative pieces come with bug fighting abilities as well!

Relax, Unwind, get in a Flip-Flop state of mind.

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