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Spring Tips: Lamps

Lamps are our trusty sidekick. They’re our midnight companion as we finish off that book we couldn’t put down. They’re our study buddy during late-night cram sessions, and our early morning guide as we stumble around the house before sunrise.

Keep these factors in mind when choosing the perfect lamp:

1. Line of sight: Sit on a chair or next to the table and measure the distance from the table surface to your eye level.

2. If the lamp is for your bedside, the light source should be at sitting eye level. 20" from the top of the mattress should do.

3. For a table lamp, measure the table height and circumference. The lamp should be no more than 1½ times the height of whatever it sits on.

4. The shade shouldn’t overlap the table either. Think about weight - lighter works where there isn’t a lot of traffic, but if it’s a busy area - a heavier, more stable table lamp would be suggested.


Will the lamp be used on a nightstand, reading niche, entertainment room, living room or side table? Knowing how you need to use it will help define the requirements for size, shade type and wattage (brighter or dimmer).


Overall scale is another huge consideration. A lamp should fit the space, relative to the room it’s in. A tall and large shaded table lamp on a delicate and small table will look awkward. Keep room size and scale in mind. Also, if your furniture is large and bold, pick a lamp that fits that profile. A small, thin lamp would get lost among the rest of the bold accessories.

The future's so bright....

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