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Is this determination & will? or... crazy & ill?

It's taken a week for us to recover. No kidding. Days 8-12 on the farm project were tough. They were hot, they were full of flies, dust and hundreds of lily bulbs. We actually spent the nights at the farm this time, (rather than at my parent's house) we were lined up around the perimeter of the living room on cots and air mattresses, since the bedrooms weren't ready. It was "like camping" (Naquan).

This sleeping arrangement proved to be a much more efficient use of our time since we were up and at it by 8 am every day. Well, Nakia & I were, at least.

I was bound and determined to get 2/3 of the bedrooms upstairs ready for inhabitants this trip. The original fir wood floors had been painted in the past. Before we had set out for the Independence day weekend, I had researched how to remove this old paint, we had purchased this awesome industrial floor sander (for a steal on FB marketplace).... I started the bedrooms Thursday morning by filling cracks in the old plaster walls, and taping/ mudding the new drywall wall in one of the rooms.... Gaby painted with a Kilz primer, we hung plastic in the doorway and then after lunch I was ready to sand the floors! I threw a box fan in the window to help with the dust, put on my sanders mask and goggles and started it up. It worked beautifully, but what I didn't realize that still after 6 HOURS in ONE ROOM, I still would have to get to the edges, corners, and even then the GREEN paint was still not completely gone. (next trip- gonna try a belt sander- am taking suggestions!) I thought, maybe the next bedroom would prove to be easier since the paint was already worn off quite a bit.... so the next day, (4th of July) I set up the 2nd room and began.... it was even worse. The paint kept clumping on the sand paper causing it to burn & scratch the floor.

I had to accept that even my most determined - well thought out plan needed to change.

I exited the house covered in paint dust and passionately exclaimed to my husband how "I'm done with sanding, and I'm moving onto something else. I'll just work with what the floors have to offer.... change of plans!" I'm sure there were some more colorful word choices in that statement, but you get the picture.

I called grandma to the rescue. She picked the kids up at noon to go to the swimming pool, while Nakia and I stayed at the farm laboring. He spent the entire weekend siding the house, which included the discovery of a (new to us) creature- the Mud Dauber. <<<<<<<<<< I guess they eat spiders, so that can't be all that bad! Still though... ick.

Enough floor sanding! To make myself happy, I began to dig in the dirt. As many of you know, I love to garden. When we first started this farm project, we discovered that there are literally hundreds of lily's growing all over the yard. Particularly on the south side of the house. Since that side will be the next to get sided, I thought I'd be helpful and remove these plants so my amazing husband can get to the project easier.

My hands had been itchin' to get in that dirt!

Enter my Father.

"Do you know what you're doing? You know those are flowers, don't you?" As I'm wheeling over my millionth load of lily's to my new landscaping project by the front yard tree.... "Yes, Dad. I do." "You and your damn rocks" I had been collecting large field rocks from all over the place and making a beautifully landscaped area with lily's and rocks and even a bird bath my mom had found. I'm going on my 3rd shower of the day at this point and am already feeling quite defeated with my agenda, I'm at a point where I want either my husband or my father to say something encouraging. Where is my son when I need him? I can always depend on him to lift my spirits.

Enter the kids back from the pool.... and my Mom.... and a sleeping toddler carried by big brother.

"What have you been doing all day?" Asked my mom, an innocent question, I'm sure. But really, you literally just parked right next to the tree of rocks and lily's. FOR THE LOVE OF PETE! Naquan comes back out of the house and exclaims "MOM!! that looks so nice, WOW!" Thank you son, I knew you would have my back.

it's the small successes that we celebrate:

Naquan's BBQ'd ribs seasoned only with BBQ sauce.

We had an awesome 4th of July BBQ, which we ate at the dining room table as a family for the first time in (what we figured) 30 years! I learned that my grandmother was in her early 30's when she got married and started her family! She was an old maid by those day's standards! It saddens me to not know much about her first 30 years. Of course, we had a jar of freshly cut lily's on the table.

The kids got to swim and enjoy the hot summer day together at the new pool.

<<< This sweet moment was caught through the kitchen window between Grandma and Naia. She always has an incredible story to tell, and grandma always gives her undivided attention.

Nakia and Naquan did wonders with the siding and yard work. Naquan very much enjoyed using the chain saw to cut down dead trees and branches and of course burning them in a colossal fire.

There were many trips around the property with Sydney & Naia on the riding lawn mower to explore the junk yard.

Naquan spent a night and survived in a tent without the 50 foot extension cord, oscillating fan, charger to his cell phone, cell phone and a cooler filled with ice and food that he had originally requested.

see how she looks at her dadda?

According to Nakia, this was not your ordinary siding project. The old cedar boards, although stood the test of time (80+ years), required a lot of patching, filling & cleaning. As well as installing the window framing and the future deck's ledger boards before the house wrap & vinyl siding could be installed. (top photo is the most current state of that project)

What are plans for the next trip, you ask? the overarching 'dedicated' plan is to re-design the kitchen; including fixing walls, installing peel & stick wallpaper & painting cabinets AND to get 2/3 of the bedrooms inhabitable. Complete siding the front of the house and start on the south side, plus we will complete the hundreds of other small things when we are there.

Here we go again at our beloved Centennial Millennial farm.

Seriously- if anyone is in the market for some Lily plants or bulbs let me know!

P.S. My Mom is incredible, and loves to mow. My Mom & Dad mow religiously every week. Nakia caught this picture of grandma mowing.


and as always, stay tuned!

It'll be a little while since we have to get ready for a certain Gaby's grad party first!! #classof2020

oh! I almost forgot. I did see a freshly dead mouse. NOT in the house. God help me.

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