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I get by with a little help from my friends.... October Farm (Trip's #6 & #7)...

This trip was amazing! Time spent with family, small things finished that made HUGE differences, and now we are all hooked up with WiFi and a security system!!

< New Kitchen Flooring laid by my amazing husband, Nakia, of many talents.

< Kitchen Wallpaper done thanks to the help of my amazing sister-in-law, Martez!

< Bathroom Painted and scrubbed (for the millionth time!)

Wallpapering the kitchen went better than imagined! Here's a little time lapse video for ya! P.S. Half way through, Nakia answered a phone call from the kids and it got turned upside down... (sounds about right!)

The following weekend, since we hadn't had enough already... (ugh)... we had an impromptu (and productive) overnight trip back to our farm. We just had to take advantage of the 50 degree day!

We were able to finish:

Installing the carpet on stairs Installing the remaining security cameras & finished the siding over exposed wrap

It's truly becoming home away from home!

Now excuse me...

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