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Honduras Week

Where do I begin? My husband left for 8 days for his first missions trip to Honduras on November 3rd. 8 days with no phone call, email, or smoke signal. 8 days home with 3 teenagers and 1 toddler. Now, you may think- Holly, suck it up- people do this single parenting thing everyday! Yes, I have traveled that road in my past and now that I have this amazing husband I don't want to suck it up! It's amazing how a week can change your life and your perspective on your life. This is what I learned:

1. A Potty trained toddler has no issue regressing and peeing on everything when missing her daddy.

2. Teenagers are a lot scarier when outnumbered 3:1

3. I am not a good "man of the house" and am not good at fixing things. Rigging them? Yes, but fixing? Um No- need to improve.

4. I haven't had to shovel for 3 winters. Why start now!?? (a little spoiled in that area, but I pull my weight elsewhere, don't worry). Mother nature sneered at me that day with ice and snow. ugh.

5. I really like my husband. When a person is around day in and day out we start to get cozy and forget, sometimes, why we are where we are- but I have renewed appreciation for his amazingness.

6. 5 days is my limit of craziness. Seriously. It's all I can handle being peed on and outnumbered.

6. God is Great! This should actually be #1, but the peeing thing had me in tears by day 5. He has blessed our family, and our lives with abundance. Nakia came home to a crazy wife, an obsessed toddler, 3 teenagers (enough said), and brought with him a renewed appreciation for his blessings. His soul soothed.

The last few weeks have been full of laughter, love, and togetherness. Honduras week, as it will forever be known, has come and gone but it's blessings will last forever.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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