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Big Ideas for Small Spaces

Designing small spaces can be the biggest challenge. When my daughter moved into a (extremely tiny) studio apartment last summer, we had to problem solve and get creative. Here’s a few tips that I’ve learned along the way.

Double Duty

Furnishings that serve double duty are a big life-saver in small spaces. Find a table that can function as a desk and a dining table, get a deep sofa that can double as a guest bed, or buy cubes that serve as a coffee table, storage and bonus seats when guests are over.

Create Zones

Think about all the things you do in a space…. work, sleep, relax, eat—and then establish separate zones for those activities. You can create separate rooms with a curtain, a strategically-placed table and chair, or even by changing the paint color.

Fool Your Eye

Even-toned, calm colors on the walls and in your furnishings and even the use of mirrors will make your space feel larger, lighter, and airier. Don’t forget to add subtle patterns and textures, however, to keep it interesting.

Make Every Piece Count

Be intentional with the furnishings you choose. For example, use two small round tables instead of one big coffee table. They're better for traffic flow and easier to move for maximum functionality.

Choose larger Furnishings

Yes, you read that right... Designing your small space with just a few large-scale, functional, pieces can actually make it feel grander.

Think Vertical

Take bookcases and cabinets all the way up to the ceiling — it'll make the room feel higher.

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