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A Room fit for a Teen

Problem: cramped, needs organization, desk needed for homework and drawing.

New Color Scheme: based on an existing, beautiful Rice Paper painting

Budget: $200


Moved out the unnecessary furniture, made new window treatments and brought in an existing bench in that was in a shed to be used for storage and reupholstered it with the same fabric. Used left over fabric to create a throw pillow for the bed. Organized the closet and found a great round table and chair for the bench.

Used existing bedding that was in a closet and throw pillows for the bed and bench. Used an existing rug that was in a storage closet. Plant was existing in the basement

Total finished budget:

$80 Paint & Supplies

$40 Fabric used for new window treatments, throw pillow for bed, and reupholstered bench

$15 for succulents in the window

$20 for frames to display artwork

$15 for new table and chair (floor model @ target- negotiated deal!)


$170 Total and under budget!

Now the room has a cohesive color scheme, showcasing a beautiful framed art in it's entry way, storage inside the bench, and lovely (steal of a deal!) table and chair to provide the necessary desk. Calm, relaxing and functional! Success!

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